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Immunization-A Drive-By Shot

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The recommended immunizations for older adults do change from time to time. For example, in the past several years a vaccine for shingles has become available. My goal with today’s health letter is not to delve into the mirky world of immunization controversy that seems to live out in internet space and is largely focused […]

Happy Bowels

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I was once told by an old professor that you weren’t a mature, i.e. “old” physician unless you understood your patient’s statement ” I had a good bowel movement”. Certainly bowel irregularity is a very common problem as we age. Diet, medications, activity all play a role in the function of our digestive track. On […]

Medical Mayhem

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It seems as the years roll by the number of prescriptions one might take equally increases. This can be a dangerous phenomena in the older adult. As we age our bodies metabolize medications less efficiently. Multiple medications compete for fewer processing sites in our liver and kidneys. As you can image this can lead to […]